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Soltech Solutions Aspect™ LED Growlight - White

1 600 kr

Bring nature indoors while adding a sophisticated touch to your space with the grow light used by interior designers, growers and people like you!

Grow without limitations

Houseplants have traditionally been limited by environmental and architectural constraints. With the Aspect, you no longer have to settle for low light houseplants or resort to industrial grow lights.

Energy efficient

Our unique LED lights are energy efficient, at only 20w or 40w, while producing the full photosynthetic spectrum and warm white hues for the home Quality construction The Aspect features a solid extruded aluminum body with a sturdy, luxury feel. We never cut corners when it comes to quality.

Programmable lighting

Each Aspect comes with an outlet timer allowing you to schedule when it should turn on and off.


Total Consumption

Small: 20 Watts; Large: 40 Watts

Color Temperature
Small: 1500lm; Large: 3000lm

Dimensions per size
Small: 4" x 4" x 6"; Large: 4" x 4" x 7"


90 - 240 VAC

Frequency Range
50/60 Hz

LED for Incandescent Replacement
Small: 120W; Large: 240W

LED for HID Replacement
Small: 90W HPS or MH; Large: 175W HPS or HM
Do not get wet

Made in the United States