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Temple Glass and Wood Terrarium, Mini Greenhouse

$326.00 $373.00

Indulge in the grandeur of neoclassical design and create a sanctuary for your treasured plants with our Medium Neoclassical Terrarium. This architectural masterpiece draws inspiration from classical temple buildings, giving your special plant collection a stately abode. The intricate curved arch detail is the result of painstaking glass cutting and grinding, showcasing the handcrafted artistry of traditional stained glass techniques. The pitched roof adds a touch of grandeur, providing extra height for your taller plantings.

Key Features:


🌆 Impressive Size: With dimensions of 10" L x 7" W x 19" H, this terrarium is large enough to house your taller plants while commanding attention in any setting.

🪴 Low Maintenance: Terrariums require less watering than traditional houseplants. As daylight graces the glass, condensation forms, nourishing your plants. In the evening, as the glass cools, the moisture returns to the soil, creating a self-sustaining environment.

Create a Botanical Temple:

This Medium Neoclassical Terrarium is more than a vessel for your plants; it's an architectural masterpiece that pays tribute to timeless design. Use it as a canvas to curate a garden worthy of admiration.

Elevate Your Space:

This terrarium is not just a decor piece; it's a conversation starter and a symbol of your appreciation for classical beauty and nature. It transforms your space into a botanical sanctuary.