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The Poinsettia Journey: A Festive Tale Through Time - Ed's Plant Shop

The Poinsettia Journey: A Festive Tale Through Time

Delve into the vibrant history of the Poinsettia—a holiday icon with a rich tale woven through time. Beyond its festive allure, this botanical beauty boasts an intriguing origin steeped in legend and cultural significance. Join us as we uncover the captivating journey of the Poinsettia, from ancient Aztec lore to its rise as a beloved holiday symbol.

ZZ Plants And Poinsettia

ZZ Plants and Poinsettias Make A Lovely Combo!

Where Did The Poinsettia Come From? 

Ah, the illustrious history of the Poinsettia—a festive icon that's more than just a splash of red in our holiday decor! This star of the season actually hails from Mexico, where it was revered by the Aztecs. Legend has it that a poor child, unable to offer a gift to the Nativity scene, was inspired by an angel to gather weeds. These weeds miraculously transformed into the vibrant Poinsettia we know and love today. Hey, who knew even weeds can have a glow-up?

Poinsettia and Snake Plant Pairing

The Variegation Of Snake Plant Pairs Well With Poinsettia

Who Brought the Poinsettia to America?

Now, let's talk about Joel Poinsett, a man whose claim to fame isn't just having a plant named after him—it's a whole festive flower! This character, who served as the first U.S. ambassador to Mexico, stumbled upon the vibrant plant during his diplomatic stint in the 1820s. Being the plant enthusiast he was (sound familiar, Brooklyn?), he sent cuttings back to his greenhouse in South Carolina. Rumor has it, this might have been the original "Hey, I got you a plant from my travels" moment!

Joel Poinsett, a man of many talents, wasn't just your average diplomat—he had a keen eye for horticulture. As the first U.S. ambassador to Mexico in the early 19th century, Poinsett was captivated by the vibrant, fiery plant during his travels in the Mexican countryside. Enthralled by its festive red leaves, Joel Poinsett saw more than just a pretty bloom—he saw potential. With a love for botany and an eye for unique flora, he couldn't resist bringing the Poinsettia back to America. His intention? To introduce this stunning plant to his greenhouse in South Carolina, kickstarting its journey to becoming a beloved symbol of the holiday season in the United States. Who knew a diplomat's love for greenery would sprout such a festive tradition?

Poinsettias, Pop Culture, and Festive Fiascos

Fast forward a bit, and the Poinsettia becomes a holiday superstar. It's like the Beyoncé of the plant world—ubiquitous during the festive season. In the '60s, the Ecke family from California turned it into a household staple, making sure every living room had at least one of these festive fellows. 

Poinsettias, the unsung heroes of pop culture, have quietly graced numerous scenes, adding festive vibes and a touch of botanical charm. From classic movies like "Home Alone," where they often adorn homes during the holiday chaos, to their appearance in "Miracle on 34th Street," where their vibrant hues backdrop heartfelt moments. TV shows like "Friends" had Monica decorating with these vibrant blooms, while in "The West Wing," they adorned the White House during the holiday season, adding a touch of elegance. Even in literature, from John Grisham's "Skipping Christmas" to Nora Roberts' "First Impressions," these crimson beauties punctuate festive tales, solidifying their place as the quintessential holiday adornment.

But let's be real, who hasn't had a Poinsettia-related mishap? That one time you promised to keep it alive till Easter and it pulled a disappearing act by New Year's Eve? Yep, we've all been there!

Keeping Your Poinsettia Fabulous 24/7/365

Keeping a Poinsettia thriving beyond the holiday season isn't for the faint of heart, but it's doable! After the holidays, when its vibrant display wanes, place it in a spot with bright, indirect sunlight. Keep the soil lightly moist, avoiding waterlogging or parched roots. Around late spring, trim the stems to about 6 inches and reduce watering.

Repot if needed, and by summer, move it outdoors to a partly shaded area. Regularly prune (maybe with these pruners) and fertilize to encourage growth. As temperatures cool in autumn, bring it indoors before the first frost, ensuring it receives 6-8 hours of indirect sunlight. Around October, initiate the darkness regimen—14 hours of darkness daily for about 8 weeks. Following this treatment, vibrant new growth should appear, bringing back that festive flair for the holidays!

How to Transplant Poinsettia

We Have The Soil And Pots You Need For Transplanting!


Poinsettias At Ed's Plant Shop?

At Ed's Plant Shop in Brooklyn, since we do a lot of shipping and Poinsettias are notorious for being fragile and breaking, we limit the amount of them we bring into the shop! We do have other festive holiday favorites, though! Norfolk Island Pines, Wintergreen, and holiday cactus all await you and will give you year round joy with limited stress!

So, next time you see those vibrant red leaves, remember, the Poinsettia has a story that's as rich and colorful as its petals—a tale that's traveled through history to become an integral part of our holiday traditions.

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