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Monstera Madness: A Lush Collection of Leafy Delights

Welcome to our Monstera Madness Collection, where lush greenery meets chic accessories for the ultimate botanical experience. Discover an array of Monstera varieties, from classic deliciosa to variegated beauties, each boasting striking foliage that adds a touch of tropical charm to any space. Elevate your indoor jungle with our Monstera collection, where every leaf tells a story of natural elegance and botanical bliss.


Monstera Wall Mounted Trellis - Plant Wall Clips - Ed's Plant Shop
Save 33%

Monstera Leaf Pin - Ed's Plant Shop

Monstera Plant Pals Sticker - Ed's Plant Shop

Monstera Plant Sticker

Monstera Adansonii - Swiss Cheese - Keychain - Plant Lover - Ed's Plant Shop
Save 48%

Monstera Leaf Houseplant Trellis - Ed's Plant Shop

Keychain - Plant Daddy - Ed's Plant Shop

Monstera Pot Print - Ed's Plant Shop