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Coco Coir Pole for Plant Support (Small)


These sturdy plant totem poles are perfectly suited for indoor creeping plants, vines and plants with aerial roots. When grown in pots, these plants often require a bit of help to grow as they would in nature. A plant support pole gives them something to cling onto and encourages strong, upright growth. Made from natural and biodegradable coconut husk, the pole is safe and sturdy for training climbing plants Monsteras to grow upright. What is coco coir? Coco coir is a byproduct of coconut processing leaving behind fibrous coconut husk. Although the properties are similar to peat moss in terms of weight and texture, however, coco coir is much more environmentally friendly than peat moss with less impact on the ecosystem.

Measurements: 0.75in Diameter x 11in height (3.15in wooden stake height)