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Garden Scissors - Small


As seen in Magnolia Magazine and Dwell, these durable garden scissors have an ambidextrous grip that allows you to harvest leafy greens quickly. Don't be fooled, these aren't your average garden scissors! Made with an extremely durable walnut handle and heat-treated stainless steel blades, these may be the last pair of garden scissors you'll ever need. Toss your inferior garden scissors aside and treat yourself to a fine set of snippets!

The stainless steel blades can be sharpened to your liking, after tough jobs or long days of pruning. Don't fret if you lose them or forget them outdoors, either! The blades are rust-resistant and the walnut will only get prettier with a little moisture. These garden scissors are a staple in our shop, perfect for large or small hands! The wide handles accommodate a comfortable fit with or without gloves.

These small garden scissors make an awesome gift for the favorite gardener in your life!

Dimensions 10.3" l x 4" w x 0.5" h

Weight 0.4 lb

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