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Greenfit™ Kit- Vita LED Grow Bulb 4-Pack *ONLINE ONLY*


The Greenfit Kit is the fastest way to turn any space green. With four of our most popular LED grow bulbs, the Vitas in this kit can support your oasis with ease.

The Greenfit kit, featuring 4 dimmable narrow beam Vita Grow Bulbs, revolutionizes indirect supplemental plant lighting, enabling you to nurture more plants in more places. Designed for effortless integration, these bulbs fit into most recessed canned or traditional lighting fixtures, discreetly providing your plants with optimal light. Embrace the simplicity of enhancing your home's plant-to-square-foot ratio with this kit.

Vitas are compatible with a dimmable wall switch, AC adapter, smart plug, and most other dimmable technology. Dimmer not included.

What's Included
4 Vita™ Grow Lights (Dimmable- Narrow Beam Angle)
Quick Start Guide

Mighty Growth, Minimal Space
From delicate herbs to robust ferns, Vita's full spectrum grow light caters to every plant, ensuring thriving plant life anywhere you desire.

Craftsmanship at Its Finest
Encased in durable aluminum with superior long-lasting plant bulb technology, Vita pledges unwavering support for your plant's growth journey.

Warm Glow, Vibrant Growth
Vita isn’t just décor-friendly with its warm-white hue, it’s also an herb garden grow light champ, making plants and spaces flourish.

Greenfit™ Your Way
Outfit or retrofit rooms with indirect supplemental plant lighting by Greenfitting. This can be done in addition to any direct supplemental plant lighting.

Through greenfitting, plants and spaces are provided with softer, more evenly spread supplemental photosynthetic lighting.

This product is backed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty.