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Arber Organic Bio Insecticide- 8oz


Prevent insect and mite build up and suppress soil-dwelling pests with our Bio Insecticide. This unique formulation uses good bacteria that’s harmless to beneficial insects and pollinators and helps your plant thrive. Grow plants, not pests with over 20 natural compounds that are effective against the smallest yet mightiest of pests.

-For control and suppression of pest insects and nematodes both indoor and outdoor.

-Use On: Vegetables, fruits, nuts, ornamental plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, foliage and tropical plants.

-Controls and Prevents: Aphids, fungus, gnats, mites, mealybugs, leafhoppers, tent caterpillars, grubs, leaf beetles, thrips, whiteflies, stink bugs, fruit flies, and more

Eco-friendly information

Product Materials: Organic

Packaging: Recyclable

Production: Ethically sourced and Fair trade

Size: 8oz