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Top 3 Plant Supports for Healthy and Vibrant Indoor Plants - Ed's Plant Shop

Top 3 Plant Supports for Healthy and Vibrant Indoor Plants

Plants, in general, have evolved various mechanisms to support themselves to grow upwards toward sunlight and optimize their ability to photosynthesize. Houseplants may need help getting to the glowing orb in the sky outside in the form of plant support. It's not likely you have a magnificent tropical tree with easy-to-climb bark growing in your living room, so artificial support is in order to help them grow their best.

Houseplant support can also be needed when the foliage is heavier than the stem can support. Heavier foliaged plants can sometimes bend and become misshaped when leaves unfurl and require just bit of help staying upright. You may also find that your plant is growing irregularly, and you want to give it structure and shape.

There are several forms of plant supports and totems that aid plants in their growth and stability. If you're looking for an online plant shop that has all plants and more, we're it!

Coco Coir Totem

Here are some of the most common types for houseplants:

Plant Stakes:
Plant Stakes provide vertical support to stabilize plants. They help the plant grow tall and keep their stems upright. The stake is inserted into the soil near the plant and secured with ties or twine to keep the plant from bending or falling over. Without a stake, some houseplants (certain Monstera and Philodendron) may become too heavy and cause the plant to bend or break. A plant stake helps to distribute the weight of the plant and its fruit, keeping the stem straight and upright.

Plant stakes come in several materials, including bamboo, wood, or coco coir. They can be placed into the soil before the plant is planted or added later as your plant grows. The Coco Coir stake is a favorite at Ed's Plant Shop in Brooklyn, as it works well with Aroids.

Coco Coir Stake

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Indoor trellises are structures used to support climbing or vining plants inside the home. They are typically made of wood, metal, or plastic and can be either freestanding or attached to a wall.

Indoor trellises serve several purposes, such as supporting stems, keeping plants upright, and adding a decorative element to the home. You can utilize an indoor trellis for houseplants such as pothos, hoya, and other favorite climbers. At Ed's Plant Shop, we have some beautiful designs available at our shop and online!

Beehive Trellis

Moss Plant Poles:
Similar to stakes and trellises, moss poles create a structure climbing houseplants can grab onto. Moss poles are made by wrapping a wooden or PVC pipe with moss or coir, a natural fiber from coconut husks. There are also pre-made poles with a hollow center that you can pack your own moss into.

The natural compnoents of a moss pole absorbs and holds water. Increased humidity around the plant helps plants that need high humidity to thrive. Moss poles also provide nutrients to the plant! As the moss or coir breaks down, decomosition creates the equivalent to organic fertilizer. These nutrients help to promote healthy growth and provide additional support for the plant.

Houseplant Totem

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If you're shopping for plants online, don't forget to add some plant support to your cart! We're your friendly plant shop in Brooklyn, NY here to help however we can. 

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