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Five Gorgeous AND Pet-Friendly Houseplants - Ed's Plant Shop

Five Gorgeous AND Pet-Friendly Houseplants

Our furry four-legged friends are like family, but so are the houseplants we nurture, so choosing between the two can be tough. Why compromise when you can have both? We've come up with list of our five favorite pet-friendly houseplants. 

Failure to choose pet-friendly houseplants may lead to your pet having indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, or worse. These conditions will not only cause your pet distress, but cause you a pretty crummy time as well! Luckily for you these pet-friendly plants are safe AND beautiful!

pet-friendly house plants


Peperomia species are one of the most popular choices of house plants. With diverse and unique patterns of leaves, peperomia has an eye-catching appearance. The entire peperomia family is a 100% safe pet-friendly indoor plants for dogs and cats. Peperomia are easy to care for, can thrive in bright indirect sunlight, and won’t droop down or wilt if you miss watering them. 

Our favorite pet-friendly peperomia is the 'Tricolor'. Beefy leaves with lovely variegation creates an splash of non-toxic color in just about any area. Click here to browse our collection 

pet-friendly indoor plants


Calathea are one of the most versatile pet-safe houseplants. They purify the air, have unique and captivating vibrant leaves, and have very reasonable care requirements. Aside from those awesome benefits, they are dog-friendly and cat-friendly house plants, too. They can often be mistaken as artificial because of their unique leaf prints that look hand-painted. Calathea plants have spectacular foliage that adds a hint of supplenesscolor to any houseplant collection.

Our favorite variety of calathea is commonly called the "Peacock Plant" due to flashy, colorful foliage that loosely mimics the brilliant plumage of a peacock. Shop our collection here. 

  •  Pilea

pet-friendly plants for dogs


Pilea is one of the quirkiest non-toxic plants for pets in our shop. If you have pets that love to bite off house plants and play around them, Pileas are great companions for your furry friends. Foliage resembles feathers erupting from the soil, which bounce with the slightest nudge or breeze. This fun foliage is enticing for cats!

Our favorite is called the "Friendship Plant" and is easy to grow & maintain. Click here to shop our collection. 

  • Maranta

pet-friendly indoor plants


Also referred to as 'Prayer Plants', Maranta plants are delightful, non-toxic plants for pet parents. They have broad oval-shaped leaves that rise to an upright position in the evening as if they are offering prayer, hence the name Prayer Plant. They are great pet-friendly indoor plants that also look good in a hanging basket.

The Maranta Leuconeura "Red Prayer Plant" is an exemplary Maranta plant featuring dark green leaves with red veins. They look great and can be a versatile addition to styling your space. Shop our collection here.

  • Ponytail Palm

pet-friendly plants


The Ponytail Palm is drought tolerant and needs minimal attention to grow. They add to a tropical aesthetic appeal to your home, and will not cause any harm to your cat and dogs. Ponytail Palm also purifies the air and can survive in low light conditions. The best choice for your beloved four-legged friends.

Bring a little non-toxic tropical to your home! Shop our collection here. 


Best Place To Buy Pet-Friendly House Plants

Plants bring us closer to nature. They can be great friends with both humans and pets. You just make sure to choose the non-toxic pet-friendly plants if you have pets at your home. If you are a nature enthusiast and fond of adding greens to your garden or indoors, explore a wide range of plants collection with Ed's Plant Shop. Be assured of the quality and keep growing your plants' collection with us. 

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