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Premium Garden Tools

Explore our extensive collection of gardening tools and plant care essentials – we've got everything you need to keep your plants looking their best! Pruning shears, soil trowels, and other horticultural tools are all part of a plant's natural life cycle. Whether it's pruning, repotting, or general maintenance, you'll want to make sure you're prepared with the proper garden maintenance equipment. Trust us – it makes things way easier for your green thumb. Shop our range of landscape tools, garden scissors, trimming tools, and plant grooming supplies. From weed removal tools to outdoor maintenance instruments, we have the cultivation implements you need for a flourishing garden. Elevate your plant care routine with our top-quality foliage management tools and plant health accessories. Your flower bed deserves the best – find the right tools for optimal growth and beauty!


Corona FS3204 - ComfortGEL™ 2" Stainless Steel Blade Floral Shear - Ed's Plant Shop

Dandelion Weeding Fork - Ed's Plant Shop
Save 27%

Garden Lopping Shears Bypass Deluxe by Benson - Ed's Plant Shop
Save 49%

Slingshot - DD-95 - Ed's Plant Shop
Save 41%
Slingshot - DD-95
$50.00 $84.99

Tron - EDC Technical Knife - Ed's Plant Shop
Save 20%

Adventure Chef Knife - Ed's Plant Shop

Walnut Square Hoe - Ed's Plant Shop
Save 21%

Classic Work Glove: Cognac - Ed's Plant Shop
Save 40%

Garden Hand Tool Kit by Benson - Ed's Plant Shop

Self Watering Device - Bee - Ed's Plant Shop

Garden Glove - Deluxe - Medium - Ed's Plant Shop
Save 45%

Triangle Hoe - Hand Tool - Ed's Plant Shop
Save 21%

Adventure Paring Knife - Ed's Plant Shop

Garden Shovel Deluxe in Matte Black by Benson - Ed's Plant Shop

Solo Folding Knife - Ed's Plant Shop
Save 26%
Solo Folding Knife
$25.00 $33.99

Japanese Nata Tool - Ed's Plant Shop
Sold Out
Japanese Nata Tool
$45.00 $69.99

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