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Harvest Haven: Thanksgiving Treasures Collection

As the season of gratitude and togetherness approaches, we're excited to introduce our exclusive "Harvest Haven: Thanksgiving Treasures Collection." Dive into a world of warm colors, rustic charm, and heartfelt thanksgiving decor that will elevate your holiday celebrations to a whole new level. Our carefully curated collection features a cornucopia of items, from handcrafted centerpieces and autumn-inspired tableware to cozy throw blankets and pumpkin-themed decorations. With an array of options to choose from, you can easily transform your home into a welcoming and festive space that captures the essence of the season.

From the rich hues of fall leaves to the timeless appeal of harvest-inspired motifs, our Thanksgiving collection is designed to help you create a memorable and inviting atmosphere for family and friends. Whether you're hosting a grand feast or simply want to add a touch of seasonal magic to your home, our Harvest Haven items will make your Thanksgiving celebrations truly special. So, get ready to embrace the spirit of thankfulness and elevate your decor game this season. Explore the "Harvest Haven: Thanksgiving Treasures Collection" and make this Thanksgiving one to remember!


Classic Work Glove: Olive - Ed's Plant Shop

Classic Work Glove: Cognac - Ed's Plant Shop

Ceramic Planters for 4 to 5 inch Plants- Various colors available - Ed's Plant Shop

Oversized Garden Scoop with Walnut Handle - Ed's Plant Shop

Classic Work Glove: Mustard - Ed's Plant Shop

Polar Bear Planter - Cement - Ed's Plant Shop

Pulaski Axe with Canvas Sheath - Ed's Plant Shop
New in

Artisan Pruning Shears - Ed's Plant Shop

Dried Flower Bundle: Thistle - Ed's Plant Shop

Dried Flower Bundle: Orange Bunny Tail - Ed's Plant Shop

Dried Flower Bundle: Pink Bunny Tail - Ed's Plant Shop

Dried Flower Bundle: Yellow Strawflower - Ed's Plant Shop

Who's Who Owl Terracotta Planter - Ed's Plant Shop

Dried Flower Bundle: Coral Setarea - Ed's Plant Shop