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Ed’s Plant Shop Alert: Identity Cloned! We’re on the Case! - Ed's Plant Shop

Ed’s Plant Shop Alert: Identity Cloned! We’re on the Case!

Hey there, loyal customers of Ed’s Plant Shop! We’ve got a bit of a wild tale to tell you today, and it involves a case of mistaken identity. It seems that someone out there has cloned our beloved Ed’s Plant Shop website and is trying to make a splash by taking orders for lawn equipment and pools. We couldn’t help but chuckle at the audacity of it all, but rest assured, we’re hot on the trail to put a stop to this impostor!

First things first, we want to assure you that this clone doesn’t hold a thorn to the real deal. We’re the original Ed’s Plant Shop, where green thumbs and friendly faces unite! While we appreciate their admiration for our brand, we’re not quite ready to dip our toes into the world of lawnmowers and pool parties just yet. So, keep an eye out for any fishy URLs or suspicious sales pitches. Together, we’ll weed out this clone and get back to what we do best: providing you with the finest plants and gardening expertise.

As always, we’re incredibly grateful for your unwavering support and loyalty. Our customers are the blossoms in our garden, and we can’t thank you enough for standing by us through thick and thin. Rest assured, our team of horticultural detectives is hard at work, investigating this identity cloning fiasco. In the meantime, keep planting, keep nurturing, and keep blooming. We’ll keep you updated as we dig deeper into this peculiar situation.

If you are the victim of this scam, or another one please don't hesitate to report your incident immediately to the FBI Cyber Crime division. Don't let the bad guys get away with it! 


Remember, friends, Ed’s Plant Shop is here to stay, and nobody can replicate our passion for all things green. Together, let’s uproot this clone and continue to cultivate joy, one plant at a time!


i googled above-ground pools on clearance and a bunch of ads came up with suspiciously cheap pools. havine been scammed before I check every website out before giving out any payment info.
Free shipping on a complete 14’ round x 42"deep pool on sale for $199 biggest flag ever

Thanks very much for posting this scam alert….one tipoff of course is that prices for different lawn mowers, e.g., are exactly the same!

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