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Exterior Landscape Design and Installation

Ed's Plant Shop Offers Exterior Landscape Design and Installation!

Let us use our years of expertise and style to help you make your dream yard become a reality. When we work with you to develop your design plan, we take into consideration all the little things that may be over looked like light, size and shape. Quit dreaming of transforming your yard into something Instagram-worthy, take the first step today! 

What we do:

🎨Custom plant and foliage design tailored to client preferences and site conditions.
🎨Detailed consultations to understand client visions and project goals.
🎨Site assessment and analysis to ensure optimal plant selection and placement.
🌵Professional installation of a wide range of plants, from small garden beds to larger foliage arrangements.
🌵Soil preparation, including fertilization and conditioning to promote healthy plant growth.
🌵Irrigation planning and installation to maintain plant health and longevity.
🌵Removal of old plant material and preparation of clean slate landscapes.
👩‍🌾Hardscaping elements such as pathways, garden edging, and small decorative structures.
👩‍🌾Mulching, weeding, and lawn care to enhance overall landscape appearance.
👩‍🌾Small-scale water features and decorative lighting to complement plant designs.

Schedule your Exterior Landscape Design and Installation today!