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Houseplant Care Guide For Spring - Ed's Plant Shop

Houseplant Care Guide For Spring

Even though your plants live indoors, they always know when Spring has come. Their growth will pick up which is exciting, but they’ll also start to need more care to keep them happy and healthy! As long as you’ve already got your plants in an adequate amount of light, their maintenance falls into three categories- watering, cleaning & pruning. We’ve gathered a few tips and tools we recommend for new plant parents about to experience one of their first Spring seasons caring for plants, so keep reading to make sure you're set up for success! 


Just as people need to eat more when they’re trying to build muscle, plants need more water when they’re trying to produce new growth. This means that you’ll most likely find yourself watering your plants more often than you were in the Winter, so you’ll want a good quality watering can that won’t send you back to the sink a million times and that will also last you seasons to come! A lot of people enjoy the look of metal watering cans, but be sure to keep them empty and dry when they aren’t in use to prevent rust, or ensure that it’s treated somehow. Plastic watering cans are always a solid option as they’re available at every price point and can last years when treated properly 

man watering plants

 If you’re trying to maximize growth   in the warmer months, you’ll also  need to be adding fertilizer to your water to keep your plants well nourished! 

Pro Tip: for indoor plant care, select a watering can with a narrow spout- this allows you to really control the amount of water you use and direction it goes which helps prevent messes! 


Besides being nicer to look at, cleaning your plant serves two purposes- allowing them to absorb more light & preventing or treating pests. You’ll either need a reliable spray bottle to mix your own anti-pest solutions, like neem oil and water, or choose a product that fits your needs. A lot of people prefer to keep it simple with the neem oil method since it’s organic and safe for kids & pets. Our recipe is super easy using one of our glass spray bottles- ¼-½ tsp of neem oil + a drop of dish soap (to help with mixing), fill the rest of the bottle with water, close & shake! Microfiber cloths and old cut up t-shirts are both great options to use instead of paper towels since they’re reusable, and we find that fabric is a bit gentler on the more delicate leaves.

man cleaning plants


If you’re like us, your plants will need a haircut after a long winter! Someshedding is perfectly natural and expected, and will continue into the Spring as your plants prioritize producing new growth over keeping old growth alive. Such is the circle of life in the plant world! If most of your plants are smaller, a basic pair of scissors will do the trick but if you’ve got plants on the larger side you’ll need a more serious pair of pruning shears. Either way be sure to keep them sharp to prevent unnecessary tugging and damage on your plants! 

Plant Cleanup

As always, never hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns about your plants! We love sharing knowledge and helping to keep plants alive and thriving for years and years. Happy growing! 

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