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Six Indoor Plants Perfect for Your Workspace - Ed's Plant Shop

Six Indoor Plants Perfect for Your Workspace

Whether working from the comfort of your home or in a traditional office; adding the natural warmth of indoor plants to your workspace can help foster a soothing environment and liven up an otherwise drab space. Aside from adding a lovely appearance to your workspace, they also provide a number of health benefits.

Reduce Stress and Boost Productivity 

Office life is known to be stressful and a bit boring, but adding plants can help liven up and add an interesting visual element to any workspace. A study performed in the Netherlands and the UK found that bringing plants into the workplace in increased productivity by up to 15%, and it’s widely known that access to nature and living things aids in stress reduction. 

The Best Office Plants are Low Maintenance

Obviously your work needs to be prioritized over plant care during business hours, so the best plants for your office should be low maintenance.  A few distinct features include being able to thrive in low or artificial light, being drought tolerant and not needing a lot of pruning. Here we’ve gathered a list of some of our top recommendations for plants that will impress your coworkers without taking up too much of your time:

  • Zamioculcas Zamiifolia ‘ZZ’ Plant

six indooor

ZZ plants are ideal options to add to your office due to their extreme drought tolerance and ability to thrive in a lower light environment. They can efficiently store large amounts of water in their tuberous roots and live off those reserves for weeks. ZZ plants are also believed to remove toxins from the air, making them an excellent choice to make your office area look great while adding health benefits. 

  • Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen)

aglaonema - ed’s plant shop

Aglaonema are a species of plants that come in a variety of colors and patterns with eye-catching foliage. Aglaonema are easy to care for even in low light spaces where they can bloom despite the lack of sun. They also wilt noticeably when they’re ready for a drink and perk right back up once you give them some water, making them ideal for someone who isn’t always confident in when to water their plants. They come in so many colors and varieties you can easily match them to your office décor while still adding that lush feeling.

  • Succulents

collection of succulents - ed’s plant shop

If taking care of plants is not your cup of tea and you are looking for low (or even no) maintenance plants, succulents will be your best option. They can retain water for long periods of time and would rather you ignore them than give them too much to drink, which would quickly rot their delicate roots. They can thrive for years on very little attention and, therefore, are a must-have for the office. They can even do well in lower light conditions, though don’t expect them to grow as quickly as if they were in a sunny window!

  • Sansevieria (Snake Plants)

collection of snack plants - ed’s plant shop

Sansevieria, more commonly known as snake plants, are an incredibly sculptural indoor plant to add to your workspace. They have sword-shaped leaves in a range of green shades from almost yellow to near black. They’re similar to ZZ plants in that they can also store large amounts of water in their roots, and they’re also perfectly happy in a dark corner or hallway.

  • Epipremnum ‘Pothos’

Large Jade Pothos - Ed’s Plant Shop

Epipremnum (Pothos) are among the best feng shui plants to bring luck, prosperity, and positivity to your life. Pothos are one of the more lush plants on this list and  are very versatile! They look great in a hanging basket, as a table plant with the stems trailing over the sides of the pot, or growing up a totem. Their vining growth pattern adds texture and life to even the most boring corners, and the vines are easily trimmed and propagated in water so you can spread the love! We recommend these for someone who has a little bit more time for plant care since they need a little more attention than succulent varieties, but the rewards are well worth it! 

  • Oxalis

close up of a purple oxalis - ed’s plant shop

Oxalis are awesome for adding color and texture to a plain office. They also happen to be one of our fan favorite plants here in the shop, so they’re sure to be a conversation starter for you! Similar to Pothos, these will require more water than the succulent varieties we mentioned, but they are highly adaptable to many different indoor lighting conditions


We’re always here to help if you need help selecting or styling plants no matter what area of your life you’re looking to add some green to. Send us a message via the contact form here or find us on social media and we’ll do everything we can to get your space looking lush! Happy growing! 

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