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Anthurium veitchii - King Anthurium


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Behold the Anthurium veitchii, a botanical masterpiece that exudes tropical allure with its striking, elongated foliage resembling rippling waves. Its velvety, dark green leaves boast contrasting veins and silvery, reflective undersides, creating an enchanting display of texture and color. Elevate your indoor jungle with this rare and majestic plant, its uniquely shaped leaves making a captivating statement in any space.

Ed's Plant Profile

  • Botanical Name: Anthurium veitchii
  • Common Name: King Anthurium
  • Family: Araceae 
  • Native Range: Ecuador

Ed's Care Guide

  • Care: Easy
  • Light: Prefers bright, indirect light. Direct light will cause leaves to burn. 
  • Water: Keep soil moist during spring and summer
  • Humidity:  Keep humidity levels as close to 50% as possible, as low-humidty can lead to leaf damage
  • Temperature:  65-80F with sufficient air circulation
  • Pruning: Prune as needed to remove brown or dead leaves.
  • Feeding: Fertilize every 4-6 weeks with balanced fertilizer for optimum growth
  • Propagation: Division, Stem Cuttings
  • Common Pests: Look out for thrips, mealybugs, scale, and spider mites
  • Toxicity: Toxic to humans and pets