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Ficus benjamina - Standard Ficus Floor Plant

10'' Tree in Nursery Pot

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Introducing the timeless elegance of the Standard Trunk Ficus Benjamina, a botanical masterpiece that exudes sophistication and charm. With its slender, upright trunk and cascading branches adorned with glossy green leaves, this ficus adds a touch of natural beauty to any interior space.

Perfect for both home and office environments, this low-maintenance plant thrives in bright, indirect light and requires minimal watering. Elevate your decor with the classic allure of the Standard Trunk Ficus Benjamina, and enjoy the timeless beauty it brings to your surroundings. Bring home a touch of nature's elegance with this exquisite addition from Ed's Plant Shop.

Light: Give your Ficus Lyrata the spotlight it deserves with bright, indirect light. Dim lighting is a no-go, as it can lead to rapid deterioration.

Water: Keep the soil evenly moist, but beware of overwatering. Strike the right balance to maintain optimal health.

Humidity: Create a tropical haven for your Fiddle Leaf Fig by providing a high-humidity environment.

Temperature: Keep the surroundings at a cozy 65-75°F to mimic its native habitat.

Pruning: Nurture its growth by pruning as needed. This not only controls growth but also removes brown or dead leaves, ensuring a vibrant appearance.

Feeding: Treat your Ficus Lyrata to a bi-weekly feast of a weak green plant liquid solution during the spring and summer months. Watch it flourish under your care.

Propagation: Explore the art of propagation with stem or leaf cuttings and air layering, allowing you to expand your green collection.

Pests: Keep a watchful eye, as Ficus Lyrata is susceptible to common pests. Early detection ensures a pest-free haven for your plant.

Toxicity: While Fiddle Leaf Figs are captivating, it's essential to note that they are highly toxic to both humans and pets. Handle with care and place them strategically in your space.

Elevate your indoor oasis with Ed's Ficus Lyrata – the perfect fusion of botanical beauty and trendy sophistication.