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Geogenanthus poeppigii - Seersucker Plant

4" Nursery Pot

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Discover the charming Seersucker Plant, a delightful addition to your green oasis. With its distinctive crinkled, puckered leaves, this unique houseplant brings a touch of texture and personality to your indoor space. The Seersucker Plant is low-maintenance, thriving in moderate light and requiring minimal care, making it an ideal choice for both beginner and experienced plant enthusiasts. Elevate your home's decor with this trendy and easy-to-care-for botanical gem today.

Ed's Plant Profile

  • Botanical Name: Geogenanthus poeppigii
  • Common Name(s): Seersucker Plant
  • Family: Commelinaceae
  • Native Range: Ecuador, Peru

Ed's Care Guide

  • Care Level: Intermediate
  • Light: Prefers medium to low light conditions. Also does well in artificial (fluorescent) lighting 
  • Water: Do not allow the soil to dry between waterings, check every few days to keep soil evenly moist 
  • Humidity: Moderate to high humidity
  • Temperature: 60-70F. Avoid cold drafts.
  • Pruning: Prune as needed to remove brown or dead leaves.
  • Feeding:  Fertilize with diluted liquid fertilizer during spring and summer.
  • Propagation: Root division, stem cuttings
  • Growth: Upright
  • Common Pests: Look out for spider mites, mealy bugs &scale
  • Toxicity: nontoxic 

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