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Staghorn Fern - Platycerium bifurcatum Hanging Basket

6" Hanging Basket

Sure, it's called a fern, but why doesn't it look like a fern? Easy answer, the Staghorn fern is both an air plant and a fern!

The Staghorn fern is one of those plants that remind you of being in the tropics without the bugs and heat. The Staghorn fern has long, tongue-shaped leaves that look as though they're panting for attention, but don't be fooled. Staghorn Ferns, unlike most ferns, do not enjoy being soaking wet, because they're air plants!

Care for your Staghorn Fern as you would an air plant, and provide it indirect light and humidity. 

Ed's Plant Profile
  • Botanical Name: Platycerium Bifurcatum
  • Common Name(s): Staghorn Fern
  • Family: Polypodiaceae
  • Native Range: Asia & Australia 

Ed's Care Guide

  • Care Level: Moderate 
  • Light: Bright, indirect light, can tolerate some shade
  • Water: Keep growing medium/plank moist by soaking in water about once a week 
  • Humidity: Moderate to High
  • Temperature: 60+F
  • Pruning: Prune as needed to remove brown or dead leaves.
  • Feeding: Fertilize using a general-purpose houseplant fertilizer every 2-3 months during spring and summer
  • Propagation: Division when repotting
  • Growth: bushy, upright
  • Common Pests: mealybugs, scale - prevent with regular showering of the leaves 
  • Toxicity: Non-toxic

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