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Unveiling Green Treasures: The Art Of Unboxing Your Plant Shipment - Ed's Plant Shop

Unveiling Green Treasures: The Art Of Unboxing Your Plant Shipment

Ah, the moment has finally arrived – the cardboard box that promises leafy treasures from Ed's Plant Shop is at your doorstep, and you can hardly contain your excitement. Do you even remember what you ordered, was it a Raven ZZ plant, a Lizard Queen Pothos, maybe even a Swiss Cheese Plant? As you wield your trusty scissors and start to unbox your new green friends, you might be wondering, "Am I doing this right? Is there a secret handshake with the plant world?" Well, fear not, dear plant parent. We're here to guide you through the process, sprinkled with a dash of humor and a pinch of plant love.

But before we dive into the "unboxing magic," here's a little joke to set the tone: Why did the plant break up with the flower? Because it just couldn't find the right pot-tner! 🌱😄 Now, let's get serious about unboxing your plant shipment the right way and make sure your leafy buddies feel welcomed and adored in their new home. After all, they traveled all the way from Ed's Plant Shop to be with you, and that's something to celebrate!

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Step One: The Plant Peek-A-Boo

Gently unbox your plant. No need for dramatic drumrolls, but you can hum your favorite welcome tune. (May we suggest "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N' Roses, or maybe Garden Party by Ricky Nelson?) Your leafy arrival might look like this: A lush Monstera deliciosa with leaves big enough to hide your secrets. Once uncovered, let your plant catch its breath - it's been through a journey, after all. Make sure it's not shy about its new surroundings. Although we know you'll want to, don't yank on the foliage to remove your plant pal from it's paper shield. You can cause trauma to the leaves and root system by being too rough with it. We suggest cutting the tape that holds the paper around the pot. 


Step Two: The "Don't Pot" Party

Now, it's time for the potting party, but not how you'd think. For instance, your Snake Plant might make an appearance. A good tip is to introduce it to its new pot in a manner similar to matchmaking - check if they fit snugly and make sure there's enough room for growth. No forced unions; we want everyone to get along! Do not transplant, we repeat, DO NOT TRANSPLANT your new plant pal right away, as it will cause massive stress and potentially cause your newly adopted plant to go into a health tailspin. Give your plant some time to adjust to its new pot by sitting the plant in the new pot in the nursery pot it arrived in. Almost like a couture gown that needs a little tailoring to look fabulous, you may need to move the pot and plant to a several locations before finding the perfect fit. 


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Step Three: The Watering Waltz

Think of it as a dance-off – you and your plant, maybe a lush Scindapsis. Water is the rhythm, and you're the DJ. But before you start pouring, think about the pace. The key is not to drown your new arrival with love, much like you don't want your Aunt Susan to corner you with endless stories at family gatherings. Be patient; your plant might need some time to adjust to its new home. Check the soil before watering, you may find that the soil is still damp from when it left our shop. The easiest way we suggest to check soil hydration is to use a toothpick, if it comes out clean, the soil is try and you should water a bit. Of course, we do have high-tech moisture meters for sale as well! 

If you find that your plant dried out a little more than desired during the adventure to your doorstep, place the pot into a saucer of water so that the soil can slowly wick up water. If soil is over dry, water will travel right through and not hydrate the soil. 

Step Four: The Placement Pirouette

Now, let's talk about the "perfect spot." Your Rubber Plant, for instance, prefers indirect light. So, imagine you're finding the best stage for a plant-based Broadway show. Look for a spot where your green performer gets enough light without breaking a sweat or getting a sunburn. Ensure they're not stuck in a drafty corner, much like you wouldn't want to be seated next to the door at a chilly restaurant. There is a good chance that the place that you envisioned for your plant might not actually be the place that your plant is feeling its very best. Be ready to be flexible and relocated your plant at the first sign of struggle. 

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Step Five: The TLC Tango

Finally, it's time for the Tender Loving Care Tango, the most crucial part. Shower your plant with love, but not literally - don't overwater. Also avoid giving heavy doses of fertilizer right away, start with a slightly diluted ratio and work your way up to full strength. Check in on it regularly, talk to it if you wish, and make sure it's not feeling neglected, just like your cousin's pet turtle. Remember, every plant has its unique needs, so adjust your care routine accordingly. Your Alocasia will have different needs than your Aglaonema. 

So, there you have it, a whimsical guide to unboxing your plant shipment and ensuring a harmonious start to your plant-parent journey. Enjoy the dance with your leafy companions, and don't forget to groove to the rhythm of green living! 

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