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Guide to Unboxing Your Plant Delivery


-Carefully unpack your plants immediately!

-Carefully remove wrappings, being careful not to tear plant foliage

-Check soil. If it is dry, lightly and evenly water the soil

-Inspect your plants. If any are damaged or you have a question, STOP and take photos. Email the photos and a description of your problem or question to support@edsplantshop.com and we will assist you


-Place plants to start in a bright area, free from cold temperatures, heating/cooling vents, and direct sunlight

-Strong root systems are crucial to the health of you plant and will promote new growth. It is normal for some leaves to turn yellow or drop during shipment. Prune any yellow leaves.

-For tropical foliage or other plants requiring high humidity, monitor the humidity and temperature levels in your home and supplement with a humidifier as needed

-For interior spaces with infrequent exchanges of outside air, use a fan to promote airflow within your home


-Wait at least 30 days to repot plants if you choose to do so

-Move plants into pots only one size (generally 1-2 inches) greater than their existing nursery pots

-Be sure new planters have holes for drainage. If using a planter without holes, place rocks or pebbles at the bottom of your planter before planting and water carefully

-Use a well draining all purpose potting mix

Learn & Grow

-Want to learn more about your plants? Check out our plant care guides available in the product descriptions on edsplantshop.com

-Don't be afraid to make mistakes. We can't tell you how many plants we have lost over the years due to any number of reasons. The best way to learn is to just start growing!

-YouTube is your friend! There are many great videos and online resources available on plant profiles, repotting, propagation, and design. If you need more help or just want to say hello, we're here! Email us at support@edsplantshop.com and we will do our best to assist you