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Rosy Soil- Organic Cactus & Succulent Mix 4qt


We don't like to bring the "boring" aspect of plant care to our top four, but this soil is so great we just had to. Rosy Soil Cactus & Succulent Mix is the perfect soil for your houseplants. Most potting soils are full of non-sustainable peat and coco-coir-based media, and are prone to fungus gnats. Rosy soil is different, 100% Natural & Peat Free.

🌿 NUTRIENT DENSE: This mix is formulated to boost soil aeration, drainage, and nutrient uptake, providing the perfect foundation for your houseplants to flourish.

🌱 RESEALABLE: Conveniently packaged in plant-based, resealable bags, This Cactus & Succulent Mix caters to the needs of indoor plant parents in perfectly sized portions.

🌍 SUSTAINABLE: Embrace eco-friendliness with this  organic blend, meticulously crafted from high-quality ingredients such as biochar, pumice, sand, pine bark fines, vegan compost, and mycorrhizal fungi. Say goodbye to peat and synthetic additives.

🌱 LIVING SOIL: Fortified with beneficial fungi and microbes, this mix promotes healthy root development and lush foliage, creating a thriving environment for your beloved plants.


Biochar is a horticultural charcoal that holds onto oxygen and nutrients while also storing microbes and carbon in the soil.

Pumice is a naturally occurring volcanic rock that is lightweight and porous, helping to improve soil drainage and aeration.

Mycorrhizae are beneficial microorganisms that form a symbiotic relationship with plant roots, allowing the plants to absorb more nutrients.

Sand has large grain size, coarse texture, and high silica content to support soil drainage.

Pine Bark Fines are a byproduct of the mulch industry which enhance soil structure and improve aeration.

Compost helps reduce waste in landfills by turning green waste and wood waste into a useful source of nutrients for plants.

Size: 4 Quarts