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Fittonia Albivenis - Mosaic/Nerve Plant


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Embark on a journey through botanical enchantment with our Fittonia Albivenis, affectionately known as the Mosaic or Nerve Plant. Hailing from the opulent rainforests of Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and northern Brazil, this living masterpiece is poised to bring a touch of wild allure to your living space.

Visual Marvel: The Fittonia "Mosaic" is a captivating spectacle, its deep-green leaves embellished with intricate veins that weave a natural mosaic, a testament to nature's ingenuity. Each leaf narrates its own unique tale, transforming your space into a verdant tapestry of wonder.

Simple Yet Rewarding Care: Ed's Care Guide ensures that tending to your Fittonia "Mosaic" is not only a breeze but an engaging experience. Here's what you need to know:

  • Light: This beauty thrives in dappled sunlight. Shield it from direct rays to prevent leaf burns.
  • Water: Maintain consistently moist soil to keep your plant flourishing, as drought can cause it to falter.
  • Humidity: Craft a high-humidity haven to mirror its rainforest roots and witness its thriving splendor.
  • Temperature: Keep your Fittonia content within a range of 60-85°F.
  • Pruning: Unleash your inner horticultural artisan by pruning as needed to remove any brown or deceased leaves and to sculpt its growth.
  • Feeding: Treat your Fittonia to a weekly sip of mild liquid fertilizer during the spring and summer for a display of vibrant growth.

Pet-Friendly Allure: The Fittonia "Mosaic" is not just a botanical marvel; it's a cherished companion that your pets will cherish. Rest assured, it's non-toxic to dogs and cats, though exercising caution around inquisitive children and pets is always wise.

Transform your space into a living canvas with the Fittonia "Mosaic" plant. Its breathtaking beauty and simple care make it a perfect addition to any home or office.