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Hedgehog Plant Watering Spike


Stop worrying about missing a day of watering and let your plants take care of themselves. This Hedgehog self-watering device provides your plants with a consistent supply of water every day. Not only is it functional, but the Hedgehog design is also super cute.

Unlike traditional self-watering devices, our adorable Hedgehog is sure to make you smile. The construction of this Hedgehog self-watering device holds just enough water to assure your soil is at the perfect hydration level. This hedgehog self-watering device is perfect for use indoors and out (as long as it doesn't freeze). 

Bring home this baby Hedgehog self-watering device today, your plants will thank you tomorrow!

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Dimensions: Width 3.5cm x Length 11cm x Depth 8cm. Made from ceramic