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Highland™ LED Track Light System *ONLINE ONLY*

$172.50 $230.00

The Highland Track Light System is a first-of-its-kind LED track light designed for growing houseplants.

The Highland LED Track System is an elegantly understated yet effective solution for enriching green spaces in homes or offices. Esteemed by design and horticultural experts worldwide, it specializes in boosting both the well-being and visual appeal of indoor plants. With the capability to integrate up to 4 Highland lights on a track, you can customize the perfect lighting environment for your plants.

What's included

  • 1 to 4 Highland light(s)
  • 20ft cord & end feed
  • 4 wall fairleads
  • 4ft track rail & hardware
  • Outlet Timer
  • Highland Quick Start Guide

Limitless Potential

Say goodbye to environment-bound traditional house plants. With Highland's versatile configurations, you'll find the perfect grow light system for any indoor space.

Serious Growth

Beyond its sleek aluminum design, Highland is a professional grow light with the power to support large plants, vibrant living walls, and towering trees.

Crafted to Excel

Every light undergoes rigorous research, design, and building phases to meet our top-tier standards. Highland ensures premium indoor grow light performance for limitless growth.

Perfect Timing, Every Time

Each Highland system includes an outlet timer for optimal plant lighting.

Picture perfect

Highland isn't just another track grow light; it's about delivering professional-grade color accuracy that's not just ideal for plant growth but is also a treat for the eyes.

Maximum Impact, Minimal Consumption

Highland's advanced technology powers entire plant walls, making it a frontrunner in LED lighting for large plants while being energy efficient.

This product is backed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty.