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Philodendron billietiae

4.5" Nursery Pot

Philodendrons are a favorite for many plant aficionados, but the billietiae is one of our favorites. Unique, lance-shaped/semi-shield leaves differ from some of this plant's cousins making it a cool addition to any plant collection. Aside from aesthetic beauty, this houseplant favorite is easy-to-grow and can thrive in many conditions. These big leaves are sure to charm their way into your plant collection!

Ed's Plant Profile
Botanical Name:  Philodendron billietiae
Common Name: Philodendron billietiae
Family: Araceae
Native Range: French Guiana

Ed's Care Guide
Care Level: Easy
Light: Indirect bright light - avoid full sun
Water: Keep water consistently damp, but never soaking wet
Humidity: 60-75%
Temperature: 70-85F
Pruning: Prune as needed to remove brown or dead leaves
Feeding: 1/2 strength fertilizer weekly during spring and summer
Growth: Shrub-like
Propagation: Division
Pests: Look out for mealy bugs
Toxicity: Toxic to humans and pets