Sansevieria Species ID Chart Botanical Houseplant Art Print - 4x6


ur museum-quality art prints are perfect for any plant lover or garden enthusiast! This houseplant art print features various species of Sansevieria (Snake Plant, Mother-in-law Tongue). All illustrations are my own unique designs and each species variety is numbered and identified at the bottom of the print.

D E T A I L S • Printed on 53lb. 210gsm premium matte paper • Prints come individually protected & packaged in plastic sleeves with chipboard backing to prevent bending and ship flat • Colors on print may vary slightly from what you see on your screen S P E C I E S Illustrated varieties include: Laurentii Gold Hahnii Bantel Sensation Golden Flame Zeylanica Black Star Masoniana Variegata Black Coral Black Gold Moonshine Cylindrica