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Selaginella kraussiana ‘Aurea’ - Golden Clubmoss


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Add a touch of vibrant green to your indoor oasis with our Golden Clubmoss houseplant. This stunning plant features delicate, feathery foliage that cascades gracefully, adding a pop of color and texture to any space. With its trailing habit, the Golden Clubmoss is perfect for hanging baskets or as a cascading accent in a mixed container arrangement. Easy to care for and adaptable to various light conditions, this charming plant is sure to brighten up your home or office. Bring a touch of nature indoors with our Golden Clubmoss today!

Ed's Plant Profile 

  • Botanical Name: Selaginella kraussiana ‘Aurea’
  • Common Name(s): Golden Clubmoss, Golden Fern, Golden Club Fern
  • Family: Selaginellaceae
  • Native Range: South and East Africa

Ed's Care Guide

  • Care Level: Moderate
  • Light: Prefers bright light
  • Water: Keep soil moist
  • Humidity: Medium to High humidity needs, great in terrariums
  • Temperature: 60-80F
  • Feeding: Use a balanced houseplant fertilizer once a month, or every other week in the summer
  • Growth: Bushy
  • Pests: Look out for mealy bugs and spider mites

Golden Clubmoss plants are excellent houseplants due to their vibrant green foliage that adds a lively touch to any indoor space. Their trailing habit makes them ideal for hanging baskets or as cascading accents in mixed container arrangements. Additionally, Golden Clubmoss plants are relatively easy to care for and can thrive in various light conditions, making them versatile choices for both novice and experienced indoor gardeners.