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Smart Growbar - LED Grow Light *ONLINE ONLY*

$74.25 $99.00

A sleek white powder-coated metal fixture that features a custom LED grow light that mounts underneath cabinets or shelves. Connects seamlessly to the Modern Sprout app for easy and customized programing. Requires a 2.4GHz wifi network. 


  • Sleek, minimal design that easily flush mounts under a shelf or cabinet 
  • Custom app with timer for simplified growing
  • Produces a natural white light with long-lasting LEDs
  • Supports healthy growth for vegetative, fruiting and flowering plants


  • White, Flush Mount Metal Fixture
  • 2x LED Light Strips
  • 10’ White Power Cord with Manual On/Off Switch
  • Smart App Software
  • 2x 1" Dual Lock Reclosable Fastener
  • Operation Manual



  • 15” x 2.3” x .6”
  • 92+ CRI Rated Full-Spectrum
  • 4000K Natural White Light
  • 100-220V 27W Power Adaptor
  • Average Lifespan 25,000 hrs
  • 1480 Lumen Output
  • Powder Coating 
  • Eco-Friendly, Low-Power
  • Smart App Enabled
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Requires a 2.4GHz wifi network
  • Smart App enabled with manual on/off switch
  • Brightness control to accommodate different plant preferences