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Triangle Hoe - Hand Tool


Plant. Weed. Cultivate. The Triangle Hoe is an ideal multi-purpose tool for both the novice and expert gardener alike. We love the triangle hoe for its versatility, comfort, and function! Use the pointed tip of the Triangle Hoe to quickly plant seeds and bulbs and to remove thick, grassy weeds in one smooth chop. Turn the triangle hoe on its side to scrape away invasive weeds and cultivate the soil around your key crops. Constructed with an ergonomic, heat-treated stainless steel blade and comfortable walnut handle: a duo worthy and capable of a lifetime of use.


• Ergonomic walnut or ash handle
• Rust-resistant heat-treated stainless steel blade and copper details
• Blade can be resharpened as needed
• Capable of a lifetime of use with proper care

Dimensions: 13.3" l x 6" w x 4" h
Weight: 0.6 lb

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