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Boosting Productivity: The Top 5 Houseplants for Your Office Space - Ed's Plant Shop

Boosting Productivity: The Top 5 Houseplants for Your Office Space

Greening Your Office: Where Work Meets A Houseplant Comedy!

Welcome to the jungle... office jungle, that is! 🌿 Let's introduce you to the top five houseplants that are as low-maintenance as your office coffee machine and guaranteed to add some pizzazz to your workspace. And because we can't resist a good plant-related joke, we're throwing in a few quips for good measure! At Ed's Plant Shop, a sweet little shop in Bushwick, we're all about a little fun! 

Meet the main characters of our office houseplant drama, where the daily antics at the quirky little Plant Shop in Bushwick unfold with all the excitement of a telenovela! Strap yourself in for a little story time! We'll learn a little bit more about these characters and why they're perfect to cast into your own office sitcom. 

Penny Pothos (aka: Marble Queen Pothos)
The Unfazed Office Hero

Penny Pothos is the reliable and steadfast office plant that brightens up your workspace day in and day out. Her cheerful appearance and carefree demeanor make even the most grueling Zoom meetings fly by as you gaze at the intricacies of her foliage. In fact, Penny Pothos is so easy on the eyes, you might have to keep an eye on your office co-workers. There may be some friendly flirting since she's just so pretty. Penny Pothos can handle low light and irregular watering like a champ, making it the perfect office buddy. She's the one that spikes the punch at the Christmas party every year, but never dares make a scene by making naughty images on the copy machine. 
Marble Queen Pothos For Office

Sergio Sansevieria (aka: Snake Plant) 

The Silent Achiever

Sergio Sansevieria is a cornerstone of any office, always standing up tall when faced with difficult situations, such as extremely low light and slight neglect. Sergio Sansevieria is a self-starter and very rarely asks for help from any other members of the team, honestly, he's better left alone. Don't mistake independence for antisocial behavior, as he is offer a very snappy, formal vibe. Although rigid on the exterior, his manners and formality make him a stellar office companion. Don't expect him to dance at the Christmas party, though, he's the one that makes sure the jams never stop. 

Best plant for office with low light


Zorra Zamioculcas (aka: ZZ Plant)

The Reliable Collegue

When Zorra Zamioculcas, we'll call her ZZ, is hired into your office as a cubicle mate, prepare yourself for the lowest drama co-worker ever. The easy going nature of her workflow is almost effortless. ZZ can take anything that comes down the corporate ladder with the greatest of ease without showing even the slightest amount of stress at any time. Even areas where other co-workers would struggle (like that dark corner office that all the newbies tend to get), she loves. You can seriously leave ZZ alone in your office while you go on a European Vacation without worrying about her struggling without you. Don't forget to bring her a souvenir though!

ZZ Plant For The office


Bobby Brazil (aka: Brazil Philodendron)

The Office Socialite

Don't be fooled by Bobby Brazil, although he's not as tall and imposing as his other co-workers like ZZ and Sergio, he makes up for it with his character. Bobby loves to vine and dine around the office and often finds himself hanging into other cubical aside from his own. Bobby is also, very, how do we say this nicely about him, easy to replicate. Before you know it, you're going to have an entire office full of Bobbies, since he's so easy to propagate. Bobby doesn't like to be taken care of, but he does love to get showered with attention from onlookers. He's a rambling sort, so let him roam to be happiest in your office space. Just a warning, he will dance at the Christmas party. 

Brazil Philodendron for Office Space


Angie Aglaonema (aka: Chinese Evergreen)

The Office Brown-nose

Angie Aglaonema is the perfect office companion, as her permanent record never shows an absent day, tardy days, or even sick days. In fact, Ms. Aglaonema seems to have some sort of ability to be bulletproof. Stressful days, she takes them with stride. Even if a change of department is in order, Ms. Aglaonema simply packs her stuff and moves to her new spot with zero hassle or stress. Want to take a long spa weekend, she's got you! Don't mistake her eager-to-please attitude with anything less than genuine! There's a very good chance you'll be asked if she has a sister!

Chinese Evergreen For Office

In summary, these office-friendly houseplants are not only great at surviving in your workspace but also excellent at adding beauty and personality to your desk. So, go ahead and bring some green humor and vibrant foliage to your office – you'll be the talk of the water cooler! Don't worry, the plant you adopt can have it's very own name and identity! ;-) 


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