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Chill Out: Tips and Tricks for Protecting Your Plants from the Effects of Air Conditioning

Chill Out: Tips and Tricks for Protecting Your Plants from the Effects of Air Conditioning

Summertime can be pretty miserable without air conditioning in most parts of the country, but can that delicious cool air flowing through the room be harmful to your plants?  The Energy Information Association states that 87% of US homes have air conditioning, with 75% of homes having central units. How many of those homes have houseplants that are silently begging for the temp to be higher?

Plants require light, heat, and humidity, which air conditioning can take two of those three things away! Some plants are totally happy with cooler temperatures, though, the first step on understanding if your plant will suffer is to know their needs. Some plants, however, absolutely must have a warm temperature, and will wilt, struggle, and potentially start to die if exposed to cold air for too long. 

One of the major concerns all house plant enthusiasts have is trying to juggle their own personal comfort and the happiness of the plant. Instead of subjecting your plant baby to potential harmful coolness, follow these tips instead!

Tips To Protect Your Plant In Such Environments:

  1. Choose indoor plants that can survive cooler temps that the air conditioning as well. There are some the plants like rubber plant, hoya, birds nest fern, and ponytail palm that don't mind the coolness.
  2. Hydration is key! Since the humidity is being removed from the air your soil may dry out quicker, but use caution not to overwater.
  3. If you notice the leaves changing colors, change the location of the plant! Move away from vents and anywhere that the cool air blows strongly.
  4. Clear the dust from the foliage to maximize transpiration potential, enabling the plant to take the most efficient care of itself.
  5. Always keep a distance between air conditioning and your plant that can depend on room size, and plant type.
  6. Invest in a quality humidifier to give mist to your indoor plants from drying out.

Air conditioning and houseplants can go hand in hand, the key to helping your plant survive the summer to to pay attention to what your plant is telling you. They may not be able to tell you exactly what they need, but they will give you a warning that they're not happy. Happy summer!